Michel van der Steege
Michel van der Steege


huubl/silverstripe-elemental-google-maps Silverstripe elemental google maps element
huubl/silverstripe-elemental-grid Elemental grid module
michelsteege/silverstripe-socialshare Add social share links to pages
michelsteege/silverstripe-stockphotos Stock photo search for the silverstripe CMS
pixelspin/silverstripe-automaticlinks Automatically add links to content for the silvers...
pixelspin/silverstripe-cmsdashboard Dashboard for the silverstrip CMS
pixelspin/silverstripe-photofromurl CMS field to add photos directly from a url
pixelspin/silverstripe-socialshare Add social share links to pages
pixelspin/silverstripe-stockphotos Stock photo search for the silverstripe CMS
thewebmen/silverstripe-addressfield Silverstripe address field with geolocation
thewebmen/silverstripe-admintoolbar Admin toolbar for silverstripe
thewebmen/silverstripe-ajaxforms Silverstripe ajax form module
thewebmen/silverstripe-articles Articles module
thewebmen/silverstripe-calendarfield Silverstripe cms calendar field
thewebmen/silverstripe-elemental-grid Elemental grid module
thewebmen/silverstripe-elemental-maps Silverstripe elemental google maps element
thewebmen/silverstripe-elemental-media Silverstripe elemental media element
thewebmen/silverstripe-faq Silverstripe faq page type
thewebmen/silverstripe-formbuilder Silverstripe formbuilder to create forms in the cm...
thewebmen/silverstripe-hidden-pages Hide pages from the sitetree using a checkbox
thewebmen/silverstripe-klantenvertellen Silverstripe module for the dutch review website k...
thewebmen/silverstripe-liveticker Silverstripe liveticker
thewebmen/silverstripe-media-field Silverstripe media field for a image or a video
thewebmen/silverstripe-menustructure Silverstripe module to create nested menus
thewebmen/silverstripe-pickerfield GridField based management of has_one , has_many ,...
thewebmen/silverstripe-staticpages Silverstripe static page caching