Eric Hes
Eric Hes


hestec/silverstripe-cookiecontrol GDPR EU cookie notice for SilverStripe
hestec/silverstripe-cookiemodal GDPR EU cookie notice for SilverStripe
hestec/silverstripe-exactonline Exact Online API connector for SilverStripe
hestec/silverstripe-faqpage Page type for an FAQ with categories
hestec/silverstripe-mobiledetect SilverStripe mobile detection
hestec/silverstripe-openweathermap Adds a simple 1 to 5 day weather forecast to your …
hestec/silverstripe-payment-manager SilverStripe Payment Manager, addon for the Silver…
hestec/silverstripe-payment-sisow SilverStripe Payment Sisow Module for iDEAL, Miste…
hestec/silverstripe-sisowmethod Sisow extension for the SilverStripe Omnipay modul…
hestec/silverstripe-zzz-admin Hestec tweaks