Simon 'Firesphere' Erkelens
Simon 'Firesphere' Erkelens


axyr/silverstripe-ideannotator Generate PHP DocBlock annotations for DataObject a...
firesphere/bootstrapmfa Enable authentication with fallback codes
firesphere/cspheaders Setup CSP Headers for a website
firesphere/googlemapsfield Google places api field for SilverStripe
firesphere/haveibeenpwnd Check if a user password is found in the Have I Be...
firesphere/partialuserforms Store partial userform submissions
firesphere/rangefield Range selector for SilverStripe
firesphere/seeder Simplified seeding of the database for testing pur...
firesphere/silverstripe-docgenerator Generate APIGen docs on flush
firesphere/silverstripe-geshiparser Parse [code] blocks from the Content in SilverStri...
firesphere/silverstripe-googlyurls Quickly get short links for your pages
firesphere/silverstripe-oembed Deprecated Oembed for SilverStripe.
firesphere/silverstripe-restfulservice Deprecated Restful Service for SilverStripe.
firesphere/wysiwyg-font-awesome Add Font Awesome icons to the content with shortco...
firesphere/yubiauth Enable authentication with a Yubikey
silverleague/ideannotator Generate PHP DocBlock annotations for DataObject a...
silverleague/logviewer View your SilverStripe logs from inside the CMS