jinjie/codeeditorfield Code editor field for SilverStripe
jinjie/ganalytics Google Analytics for SilverStripe
jinjie/geocodable-maps-js Add Google Map JS to Addressable module in Silvers…
jinjie/silverstripe-additional-sitesettings Additional Site Settings for SilverStripe 4
jinjie/silverstripe-admin-material-icons Material Design Icons on Silverstripe 4 admin
jinjie/silverstripe-banner Adds SlickJS banner into any SilverStripe 4 pages
jinjie/silverstripe-bootstrap-forms Silverstripe theme to make forms compatible with B…
jinjie/silverstripe-crm A very simple CRM
jinjie/silverstripe-mailchimp Silvestripe Mailchimp Sync
jinjie/silverstripe-valitron Better SilverStripe DataObject Validation With Val…
jinjie/slickhero Add hero banners powered by slickjs
jinjie/slickhero-elemental Silverstripe elemental for jinjie/slickhero
jinjie/ss3-startertheme My own starter theme
jinjie/ss4-duplicate-dataobject Adds a duplicate button to GridField in the CMS th…
jinjie/ssaccount Simple Account Page for SilverStripe