Will Rossiter
Will Rossiter


dnadesign/silverstripe-shop_stock Adds stock management to SilverShop.
fullscreeninteractive/silverstripe-jobboard Allow users to post jobs to your website
fullscreeninteractive/silverstripe-multiselectfield A FormField for users to select and remove multipl...
silvershop/stock Adds stock management to SilverShop.
silverstripe-themes/blackcandymobile Blackcandy Mobile Theme for SilverStripe Framework
silverstripe-themes/jquerymobile jQuery Mobile Theme for SilverStripe Framework
silverstripe/comments This module provides commenting functionality for ...
silverstripe/docsviewer Documentation viewer module for SilverStripe
silverstripe/environmentcheck Provides an API for building environment tests
silverstripe/forum Forum module for SilverStripe.
silverstripe/googlesitemaps SilverStripe support for the Google Sitemaps XML, ...
silverstripe/mathspamprotection This module provides a simple math protection mech...
silverstripe/mobile The mobile module provides detection for mobile de...
silverstripe/mollom Mollom module for SilverStripe.
silverstripe/siteconfig Site wide settings administration.
silverstripe/spamprotection Spam protection module for SilverStripe.
silverstripe/staticpublisher StaticPublisher provides an extensions for exporti...
silverstripe/userforms UserForms enables CMS users to create dynamic form...
webfox/userforms Webfox wrapper around silverstripe/userforms
wilr/silverstripe-facebookconnect Integration of Facebook Connect into SilverStripe
wilr/silverstripe-googlemapselectionfield Select a point on a map form field
wilr/silverstripe-googlesitemaps SilverStripe support for the Google Sitemaps XML, ...