Werner Krauß
Werner Krauß


wernerkrauss/cdnrewrite Rewrites all links for assets to use a cdn instead
wernerkrauss/explainable Silverstripe module for managing abbreviations and...
wernerkrauss/folderperpage An extension for automatically creating a folder p...
wernerkrauss/sepiaimages An extension for generating sepia toned images usi...
wernerkrauss/silverstripe-casestudies Holder page for case studies with optional SingleP...
wernerkrauss/silverstripe-header-gallery A simple gallery in the header for SilverStripe CM...
wernerkrauss/silverstripe-headergallery SS4 compatible simple header gallery
wernerkrauss/silverstripe-homepage Very simple homepage page type with blocks
wernerkrauss/silverstripe-onepage An extension for simple one-page sites
wernerkrauss/silverstripe-piwik Adds piwik tracking code to your site
wernerkrauss/silverstripe-team TeamHolder page with optional SinglePageAdmin