rywa/silverstripe-foundation-forms Add Foundation framework forms compatibility to SilverStripe... 3224
silverstripe/buildtools Phing build tools for the SilverStripe project 3219
tractorcow/silverstripe-akismet Akismet antispam module for Silverstripe 3211
sheadawson/silverstripe-blocks An alternative to the SilverStripe Widgets module. 3121
silverstripe/fulltextsearch-localsolr A pre-configured, ready to use Solr instance for local devel... 3095
heyday/silverstripe-optimisedimage Uses various binary tools like jpegoptim and optipng to opti... 3080
tractorcow/silverstripe-fluent Simple localisation for Silverstripe 3030
littlegiant/silverstripe-catalogmanager Catalog Manager provides extension for ModelAdmin editing of... 3022
silverstripe/staticpublishqueue Static publishing queue to create static versions of pages f... 3012
sheadawson/silverstripe-dependentdropdownfield A silverstripe dropdown field that has it's options populate... 2861
heyday/silverstripe-backstop Helps log non-200 errors 2786
silverstripe/dms Adds a Document Management System to SilverStripe 2718
govtnz/progresslogentry Module for logging progress of a task. Can also be derived f... 2698
burnbright/silverstripe-shop Provides an ecommerce product catalog, shopping cart, and or... 2691
silverstripe/messagequeue Simple and lightweight message queueing mechanism for Silver... 2687
heyday/silverstripe-imageextension Provides the ability to extend images in SilverStripe 2679