tractorcow/silverstripe-colorpicker Color picker field for Silverstripe CMS using the ColorPicke... 1378
nyeholt/news News module for silverstripe 1366
heyday/silverstripe-imageextension Provides the ability to extend images in SilverStripe 1343
silverstripe/listingpage A page type that allows CMS authors to create templated cont... 1220
silverstripe/textextraction Text Extraction API for SilverStripe CMS (mostly used with '... 1204
silverstripe-labs/googleanalytics The Google Analytics module consists of 2 components that ca... 1194
silverstripe/staticpublishqueue Static publishing queue to create static versions of pages f... 1179
heyday/silverstripe-optimisedimage Uses various binary tools like jpegoptim and optipng to opti... 1176
silverstripe/redirectedurls Provides a system for users to configure arbitrary redirecti... 1162
jonom/focuspoint Smarter automatic image cropping for SilverStripe 1150
sheadawson/silverstripe-editlock Prevents a CMS user from editing a record that another CMS u... 1143
heyday/silverstripe-backstop Helps log non-200 errors 1137
heyday/silverstripe-colorpalette A coor palette picker for SilverStripe CMS 1118
silverstripe/mathspamprotection This module provides a simple math protection mechanism for ... 1116
silverstripe/solr Solr integration for SilverStripe. Note that this is NOT rel... 1054
sheadawson/silverstripe-dependentdropdownfield A silverstripe dropdown field that has it's options populate... 1053