jonom/silverstripe-betternavigator Front-end utility menu for SilverStripe websites featuring a... 2272
silverstripe/dms Adds a Document Management System to SilverStripe 2263
silverstripe/mssql Adds MSSQL support to SilverStripe 2218
micmania1/silverstripe-blog A fresh take on blogging in Silverstripe set out to tackle t... 2195
burnbright/silverstripe-shop Provides an ecommerce product catalog, shopping cart, and or... 2174
silverstripe/fulltextsearch-localsolr A pre-configured, ready to use Solr instance for local devel... 2134
unclecheese/dashboard Adds a dashboard to the SilverStripe CMS 2084
heyday/silverstripe-cacheinclude 2029
unclecheese/bootstrap-forms Allows you to create forms in SilverStripe that are compatib... 2018
betterbrief/silverstripe-pdf Provide PDF renders of your webpages or objects using SSView... 1973
silverstripe/compass The Compass module for SilverStripe seamlessly integrates Sa... 1960
silverstripe/messagequeue Simple and lightweight message queueing mechanism for Silver... 1897
silverstripe-labs/googleanalytics The Google Analytics module consists of 2 components that ca... 1885
silverstripe/siteconfig Site wide settings administration. 1857
silverstripe/textextraction Text Extraction API for SilverStripe CMS (mostly used with '... 1857
silverstripe/geoip GeoIP module for SilverStripe. 1856