silverstripe/payment SilverStripe payment provider integration. Currently support... 5118
camspiers/honeypot 5092
silverstripe/docsviewer Documentation viewer module for SilverStripe 5087
burnbright/silverstripe-omnipay SilverStripe Omnipay Payment Module 5060
silverstripe/externallinks Adds tracking of external broken links to the SilverStripe C... 4837
unclecheese/eventcalendar Event Calendar for the SilverStripe CMS 4788
burnbright/silverstripe-listsorter Easily provide front-end sorting controls for SilverStripe l... 4745
nathancox/minify Minifies CSS requirements using Minify ( 4647
silverstripe/siteconfig Site wide settings administration. 4563
silverstripe/spellcheck Improves spellcheck support for SilverStripe CMS, including ... 4549
silverstripe/multiform SilverStripe forms with multiple steps, flow control and sta... 4525
unclecheese/zen-fields Syntactic sugar for SilverStripe FieldLists 4453
hafriedlander/silverstripe-phockito Integrate Phockito (a PHP Mocking framework) with SilverStri... 4444
silverstripe/geoip GeoIP module for SilverStripe. 4420
silverstripe/crontask Module for running tasks with a standard cron timeschedule 4384
silverstripe/mimevalidator Checks uploaded file content roughly matches a known MIME ty... 4368