heyday/silverstripe-menumanager Allows complex menu management to be handled through the CMS... 3056
silverstripe/secureassets Adds access restrictions to folders in assets, similar to th... 2970
silverstripe/buildtools Phing build tools for the SilverStripe project 2921
silverstripe/raygun RayGun.io integration for SilverStripe 2729
silverstripe/display-logic Allows assignment of conditions for display and hide of spec... 2703
sheadawson/silverstripe-linkable A couple of handy form fields and objects for managing exter... 2621
simonwelsh/gridfieldrelationhandler This module provides two GridField components that aid in ma... 2615
silverstripe/dashboard Adds a dashboard to the SilverStripe CMS 2513
unclecheese/zen-fields Syntactic sugar for SilverStripe FieldLists 2460
burnbright/silverstripe-omnipay SilverStripe Omnipay Payment Module 2455
burnbright/silverstripe-listsorter Easily provide front-end sorting controls for SilverStripe l... 2389
tractorcow/silverstripe-opengraph Implementation of the Facebook Opengraph protocol for Silver... 2342
camspiers/silverstripe-loggerbridge Provides a bridge between PSR-3 loggers (like monolog) and S... 2340
silverstripe/gridfieldajaxrefresh Adds the ability to either automatically or manually refresh... 2318
silverstripe/multiform SilverStripe forms with multiple steps, flow control and sta... 2195
camspiers/autoloader-composer-silverstripe 2162