heyday/silverstripe-hashpath Hash path provides a function in SilverStripe templates whic... 4860
silverstripe/comments This module provides commenting functionality for Pages and ... 4206
kinglozzer/metatitle Re-adds the 'MetaTitle' field for SilverStripe 3.1 4171
silverstripe/docsviewer Documentation viewer module for SilverStripe 3994
silverstripe-themes/module_bootstrap CSS toolkit by Twitter. 3946
silverstripe/recaptcha Provides a form field which allows form to validate for non-... 3913
silverstripe/tagfield Provides a SilverStripe form field for saving a string of ta... 3837
icecaster/versioned-gridfield VersionedGridFieldDetailForm, for managing Sitetree (or any ... 3162
betterbrief/silverstripe-googlemapfield Save locations using latitude/longitude DataObject fields. 3094
silverstripe/environmentcheck Provides an API for building environment tests 3061
heyday/silverstripe-menumanager Allows complex menu management to be handled through the CMS... 3026
silverstripe/buildtools Phing build tools for the SilverStripe project 2920
silverstripe/secureassets Adds access restrictions to folders in assets, similar to th... 2858
silverstripe/raygun RayGun.io integration for SilverStripe 2691
silverstripe/display-logic Allows assignment of conditions for display and hide of spec... 2674
simonwelsh/gridfieldrelationhandler This module provides two GridField components that aid in ma... 2603