heyday/silverstripe-flexibledataformatters 498
sheadawson/silverstripe-shortcodable Provides a GUI for CMS users to insert Shortcodes into the H... 484
markguinn/silverstripe-email-helpers Silverstripe extension containing SMTP mailer class and some... 484
simonwelsh/trait-loader Adds trait autoloading support to SilverStripe 473
silverstripe/contact-form Allows you to create a contact form in SilverStripe with opt... 454
andrewhoule/silverstripe-videogallery Simple video gallery that depends on sublime video 450
silverstripe/mobile The mobile module provides detection for mobile devices, and... 445
madmatt/silverstripe-nestedcheckboxsetfield Adds a level of nesting to a CheckboxSetField using a has_ma... 439
andrewhoule/silverstripe-basiccalendar Basic calendar page to show a listing of upcoming events 426
rywa/silverstripe-foundation-interchange Adds support for using .ss templates with ZURB Foundation's ... 419
purplespider/basic-galleries Basic Photo Gallery functionality 417
burnbright/silverstripe-shop-geocoding Geocoding support for shop module 414
heyday/silverstripe-responsive-images Configure and send a series of image size options to the cli... 414
burnbright/silverstripe-shop-shipping Optional shipping methods for the silverstripe shop module. 413
nadzweb/advancedfaq Advanced faq with sections, tags and versioning 403
unisolutions/silverstripe-copybutton Adds copy button to the GridField. 395