jonom/silverstripe-betternavigator Front-end utility menu for SilverStripe websites featuring a... 216
i-lateral/silverstripe-commerce Silverstripe ecommerce module allowing for custom product ca... 215
markguinn/silverstripe-email-helpers Silverstripe extension containing SMTP mailer class and some... 215
silverstripe/openlayers 213
silverstripe-scienceninjas/datedupdates News module for SilverStripe 212
silverstripe/hybridsessions Cookie/DB session support for SilverStripe 206
andrewhoule/silverstripe-basiccalendar Basic calendar page to show a listing of upcoming events 201
sunnysideup/ecommerce Silverstripe E-commerce Application 201
silverstripe/spellcheck Improves spellcheck support for SilverStripe CMS, including ... 200
silverstripe/kickassets Provides an alternative file management interface for Silver... 198
tractorcow/silverstripe-robots Simple robots generation module for Silverstripe 197
silverstripe/mimevalidator Checks uploaded file content roughly matches a known MIME ty... 195
silverstripe/externallinks Adds tracking of external broken links to the SilverStripe C... 193
silverstripe/cmsworkflow Two- and three-step approval workflow for page content in Si... 189
i-lateral/silverstripe-custommenus A Silverstripe module allowing you to create custom menus th... 184
purplespider/file-listing Basic Download Page functionality, based on an assets direct... 174