silverstripe-australia/ssautesting Some extensions to the default SS test structures to allow p... 833
simonwelsh/trait-loader Adds trait autoloading support to SilverStripe 831
sheadawson/silverstripe-shortcodable Provides a GUI for CMS users to insert Shortcodes into the H... 816
dnadesign/silverstripe-advanceddropdowns DropdownField and GroupedDropdownField that allows the use o... 812
jeffwhitfield/silverstripe-bootstrap-theme A SilverStripe Bootstrap theme that incorporates HTML5 Boile... 806
kinglozzer/yepnopesilverstripe A simple way of adding files to yepnope.js in SilverStripe 788
silverstripe/tenon Check the accessibility of your SilverStripe site with this ... 788
unclecheese/dropzone An HTML5 upload field for the CMS and frontend forms. 786
exadium/breadcrumbnavigation Self contained Breadcrum Navigation module, allowing you to ... 770
silverstripe-australia/sitemap Allows you to generate a sitemap page. 757
silverstripe/emailing-form This module bundles the emailing process into a form object.... 756
frankmullenger/underconstruction SilverStripe Under Construction Page Module 755
silverstripe/embargoexpiry Adds embargo period and expiry dates to content items. Rippe... 752
heyday/silverstripe-dataobjectpreview Allows preview of dataobjects in GridField 749
tractorcow/silverstripe-campaignmonitor Simple implementation of the campaign monitor API within Sil... 743
burnbright/silverstripe-hasonefield Edit a has_one relationship using the gridfield editor, trig... 733