burnbright/silverstripe-shop-coloredvariations Submodule for Silverstripe shop which adds color support to ... 1261
gdmedia/silverstripe-frontend-admin Front end admin for Silverstripe 1252
silverstripe/contentreview Flags pages for periodical author review (incl. reporting) 1230
ajshort/silverstripe-memberprofiles Member registration and profile management 1187
hubertusanton/silverstripe-seo SEO module for Silverstripe 1167
sheadawson/silverstripe-shortcodable Provides a GUI for CMS users to insert Shortcodes into the H... 1166
azt3k/abc-silverstripe-assetimport imports an export from silverstripe-assetexport 1143
unclecheese/kickassets Provides an alternative file management interface for Silver... 1130
silverstripe/restrictedobjects Provides more advanced permission management for data object... 1128
nglasl/silverstripe-mediawesome A module for SilverStripe which will allow creation of dynam... 1116
silverstripe/usertemplates Provides user-definable templates within the CMS that can be... 1104
heyday/silverstripe-responsive-images Configure and send a series of image size options to the cli... 1083
ajshort/silverstripe-addressable SilverStripe addressable and geocoding module 1065
silverstripe-australia/ba-sis SilverStripe Australia Standard Implementation Set. 1058
silverstripe/tenon Check the accessibility of your SilverStripe site with this ... 1057
unisolutions/silverstripe-copybutton Adds copy button to the GridField. 1055