axllent/silverstripe-analytics.js Google Universal Analytics.js tracking code for SilverStripe... 605
azt3k/abc-silverstripe Library that adds some useful functionality to Silverstripe 592
tractorcow/silverstripe-autocomplete Autocomplete text field for Silverstripe 588
richardsjoqvist/silverstripe-embedder Embedder enables embedding media in content fields area simi... 585
frankmullenger/underconstruction SilverStripe Under Construction Page Module 578
burnbright/silverstripe-hasonefield Edit a has_one relationship using the gridfield editor, trig... 568
lekoala/silverstripe-mandrill Adds mandrill in the SilverStripe CMS 563
silverstripe/controllerpolicy SilverStripe module providing a framework for per-controller... 558
kinglozzer/htmleditornoalignment Adds a 'no alignment' option for images added through HTMLEd... 556
swipestripe/swipestripe-currency Currency support for SwipeStripe. 553
swipestripe/swipestripe-flatfeetax Flat fee tax support in SwipeStripe 534
sheadawson/silverstripe-shortcodable Provides a GUI for CMS users to insert Shortcodes into the H... 532
silverstripe/staticsiteconnector An external-content connector that retrieves content by scra... 530
silverstripe/testdata Manage test data with Yaml files 529
andrewhoule/silverstripe-listpage Basic list page to help content managers organize a list of ... 528
markguinn/silverstripe-email-helpers Silverstripe extension containing SMTP mailer class and some... 528