azt3k/abc-silverstripe-mailer Library that adds smtp mail support to Silverstripe 880
tractorcow/silverstripe-sitemap2 Better, simpler sitemap module for SilverStripe 879
frankmullenger/gallery SilverStripe Gallery Module 862
lekoala/silverstripe-mandrill Adds mandrill in the SilverStripe CMS 855
silverstripe-themes/blackcandy The SilverStripe BlackCandy Theme (default SilverStripe 2.x ... 852
lrc/silverstripe-link-field A SilverStripe field type for having an internal or external... 836
stojg/silverstripe-resque Wraps around the resque code for background jobs 834
heyday/silverstripe-cacheinclude-manager CacheInclude Manager 830
camspiers/silverstripe-classifierbridge 820
betterbrief/silverstripe-opauth SilverStripe 3.1 OpAuth module. See: 800
silverstripe/usertemplates Provides user-definable templates within the CMS that can be... 792
tractorcow/silverstripe-autocomplete Autocomplete text field for Silverstripe 788
littlegiant/silverstripe-singlepageadmin Single page administration via a LeftAndMain like interface 777
silverstripe-australia/memberprofiles Member registration and profile management 774
jeffwhitfield/silverstripe-bootstrap-theme A SilverStripe Bootstrap theme that incorporates HTML5 Boile... 768
dnadesign/silverstripe-advanceddropdowns DropdownField and GroupedDropdownField that allows the use o... 761