silverstripe/mimevalidator Checks uploaded file content roughly matches a known MIME ty... 414
axllent/silverstripe-email-obfuscator Email obfuscator extension/decorator for SilverStripe 3 412
feejin/silverstripe-securitytemplates Custom security templates to mirror CMS 410
jeffwhitfield/silverstripe-bootstrap-theme A SilverStripe Bootstrap theme that incorporates HTML5 Boile... 410
silverstripe/standardsediting Extensions to provide standards based editing for Silverstri... 401
jonom/silverstripe-betternavigator Front-end utility menu for SilverStripe websites featuring a... 398
purplespider/basic-galleries Basic Photo Gallery functionality 389
govtnz/progresslogentry Module for logging progress of a task. Can also be derived f... 380
silverstripe/contact-form Allows you to create a contact form in SilverStripe with opt... 379
sheadawson/silverstripe-datachange-tracker Record and track changes to any dataobjects. View chages/dif... 371
silverstripe/newrelic NewRelic support for SilverStripe 370
heyday/silverstripe-cacheinclude-manager CacheInclude Manager 368
burnbright/silverstripe-sqlquerylist Wraps a SilverStripe SQLQuery in a SS_List 367
sheadawson/silverstripe-timednotices Display notice banners in the cms interface over a given tim... 362
silverstripe/express The SilverStripe Express module 350
andrewhoule/silverstripe-listpage Basic list page to help content managers organize a list of ... 349