sheadawson/silverstripe-datachange-tracker Record and track changes to any dataobjects. View chages/dif... 746
lrc/silverstripe-link-field A SilverStripe field type for having an internal or external... 743
silverstripe-australia/addressable SilverStripe addressable and geocoding module 735
heyday/silverstripe-dataobjectpreview Allows preview of dataobjects in GridField 720
silverstripe/lumberjack A module to make managing pages in a GridField easy without ... 718
betterbrief/silverstripe-opauth SilverStripe 3.1 OpAuth module. See: 705
jeffwhitfield/silverstripe-bootstrap-theme A SilverStripe Bootstrap theme that incorporates HTML5 Boile... 703
dnadesign/silverstripe-advanceddropdowns DropdownField and GroupedDropdownField that allows the use o... 693
exadium/breadcrumbnavigation Self contained Breadcrum Navigation module, allowing you to ... 691
silverstripe/controllerpolicy SilverStripe module providing a framework for per-controller... 673
silverstripe/usertemplates Provides user-definable templates within the CMS that can be... 661
kinglozzer/yepnopesilverstripe A simple way of adding files to yepnope.js in SilverStripe 655
lekoala/silverstripe-mandrill Adds mandrill in the SilverStripe CMS 652
tractorcow/silverstripe-autocomplete Autocomplete text field for Silverstripe 644
richardsjoqvist/silverstripe-embedder Embedder enables embedding media in content fields area simi... 615
axllent/silverstripe-analytics.js Google Universal Analytics.js tracking code for SilverStripe... 613