sheadawson/silverstripe-datachange-tracker Record and track changes to any dataobjects. View chages/dif... 547
sheadawson/silverstripe-timednotices Display notice banners in the cms interface over a given tim... 547
silverstripe/contentreview Flags pages for periodical author review (incl. reporting) 531
axllent/silverstripe-analytics.js Google Universal Analytics.js tracking code for SilverStripe... 525
govtnz/progresslogentry Module for logging progress of a task. Can also be derived f... 506
silverstripe/staticsiteconnector An external-content connector that retrieves content by scra... 489
gdmedia/silverstripe-frontend-admin Front end admin for Silverstripe 485
kinglozzer/htmleditornoalignment Adds a 'no alignment' option for images added through HTMLEd... 479
heyday/silverstripe-flexibledataformatters 478
jeffwhitfield/silverstripe-bootstrap-theme A SilverStripe Bootstrap theme that incorporates HTML5 Boile... 477
swipestripe/swipestripe-currency Currency support for SwipeStripe. 475
kinglozzer/bfgoogleanalytics A slimmed, trimmed & tweaked version of silverstripe-labs/si... 462
silverstripe/testdata Manage test data with Yaml files 456
feejin/silverstripe-securitytemplates Custom security templates to mirror CMS 455
silverstripe/standardsediting Extensions to provide standards based editing for Silverstri... 451
silverstripe/emailing-form This module bundles the emailing process into a form object.... 446