silverstripe-australia/silverstripe-multisites Allows for multiple websites to be managed through a single ... 1785
silverstripe/newrelic NewRelic support for SilverStripe 1741
stojg/silverstripe-resque Wraps around the resque code for background jobs 1725
adrexia/batchactionsplus Extra batch actions for silverstripe's sitetree 1719
silverstripe/timedropdownfield Time dropdown for SilverStripe CMS 1714
silverstripe-australia/sitemap Allows you to generate a sitemap page. 1683
lekoala/silverstripe-mandrill Adds mandrill in the SilverStripe CMS 1680
tractorcow/silverstripe-autocomplete Autocomplete text field for Silverstripe 1677
silverstripe/accessibility Adds access key support to SilverStripe 1670
heyday/silverstripe-composeparser Adds new syntax to SilverStripe's template engine 1649
undefinedoffset/silverstripe-nocaptcha A spam protector and form field using the new Google's reCAP... 1637
91carriage/2fa Adds TOTP-2FA to SilverStripe 1557
betterbrief/silverstripe-jsconfig Create a clean JavaScript data interface between your fronte... 1552
richardsjoqvist/silverstripe-optionaltreedropdownfield This module extends TreeDropdownField to allow clearing a se... 1511
silverstripe/mobile The mobile module provides detection for mobile devices, and... 1509
silverstripe/dataobjectaspage Manage DataObjects through model admin but display them as p... 1503