swipestripe/swipestripe-flatfeeshipping Flat fee shipping support in SwipeStripe 690
stojg/silverstripe-resque Wraps around the resque code for background jobs 669
tractorcow/silverstripe-sitemap2 Better, simpler sitemap module for SilverStripe 661
dnadesign/silverstripe-populate Populate your database through YAML files 657
exadium/breadcrumbnavigation Self contained Breadcrum Navigation module, allowing you to ... 646
silverstripe/newrelic NewRelic support for SilverStripe 631
frankmullenger/gallery SilverStripe Gallery Module 629
hubertusanton/silverstripe-seo SEO module for Silverstripe 626
burnbright/silverstripe-sqlquerylist Wraps a SilverStripe SQLQuery in a SS_List 620
betterbrief/silverstripe-opauth SilverStripe 3.1 OpAuth module. See: http://opauth.org/ 593
heyday/silverstripe-cacheinclude-manager CacheInclude Manager 588
azt3k/abc-silverstripe Library that adds some useful functionality to Silverstripe 583
dnadesign/silverstripe-advanceddropdowns DropdownField and GroupedDropdownField that allows the use o... 581
kinglozzer/yepnopesilverstripe A simple way of adding files to yepnope.js in SilverStripe 580
lrc/silverstripe-link-field A SilverStripe field type for having an internal or external... 564
tractorcow/silverstripe-twitter Simple Twitter feed for Silverstripe 563