silverstripe/dataobjectaspage Manage DataObjects through model admin but display them as p... 1248
micschk/silverstripe-excludechildren Extension to hide pages from the SiteTree 1244
silverstripe/newrelic NewRelic support for SilverStripe 1223
dnadesign/silverstripe-populate Populate your database through YAML files 1202
zirak/widget-pages-extension Freely inspired to burnbright/silverstripe-widgetpages, add ... 1189
silverstripe/memberprofiles Member registration and profile management 1180
rywa/silverstripe-foundation Foundation 5 Prototyping Theme for SilverStripe 1175
silverstripe/gridfielddetailformwithsearch GridFieldDetailForm that has a search sidebar always visible 1169
ajshort/silverstripe-memberprofiles Member registration and profile management 1159
adrexia/batchactionsplus Extra batch actions for silverstripe's sitetree 1155
colymba/gridfield-gallery-theme SilverStripe 3 GridField component adding file or image thum... 1155
richardsjoqvist/silverstripe-optionaltreedropdownfield This module extends TreeDropdownField to allow clearing a se... 1150
silverstripe/external-content A flexible framework for connecting other content sources to... 1145
silverstripe/contentreview Flags pages for periodical author review (incl. reporting) 1115
silverstripe-australia/addressable SilverStripe addressable and geocoding module 1100
littlegiant/silverstripe-catalogmanager Catalog Manager provides extension for ModelAdmin editing of... 1099