betterbrief/silverstripe-opauth SilverStripe 3.1 OpAuth module. See: 2113
dnadesign/silverstripe-populate Populate your database through YAML files 2080
swipestripe/swipestripe-addresses Module for billing and delivery addresses in SwipeStripe. 2079
silverstripe/compass The Compass module for SilverStripe seamlessly integrates Sa... 2075
silverstripe/staticpublisher StaticPublisher provides an extensions for exporting a Silve... 2019
heyday/silverstripe-colorpalette A coor palette picker for SilverStripe CMS 1994
azt3k/abc-silverstripe Library that adds some useful functionality to Silverstripe 1961
silverstripe/mollom Mollom module for SilverStripe. 1938
govtnz/replicant Module to replicate data between SilverStripe installations.... 1931
silverstripe-australia/silverstripe-multisites Allows for multiple websites to be managed through a single ... 1898
sheadawson/silverstripe-multisites Allows for multiple websites to be managed through a single ... 1823
stojg/silverstripe-resque Wraps around the resque code for background jobs 1810
undefinedoffset/silverstripe-nocaptcha A spam protector and form field using the new Google's reCAP... 1809
silverstripe/timedropdownfield Time dropdown for SilverStripe CMS 1792
adrexia/batchactionsplus Extra batch actions for silverstripe's sitetree 1790
silverstripe/newrelic NewRelic support for SilverStripe 1781