silverstripe/externallinks Adds tracking of external broken links to the SilverStripe C... 1004
ajshort/silverstripe-addressable SilverStripe addressable and geocoding module 994
silverstripe/external-content A flexible framework for connecting other content sources to... 988
unclecheese/mock-dataobjects Allows DataObjects to self-populate intelligently using fake... 981
jonom/silverstripe-betternavigator Front-end utility menu for SilverStripe websites featuring a... 973
tractorcow/silverstripe-fluent Simple localisation for Silverstripe 972
silverstripe/timedropdownfield Time dropdown for SilverStripe CMS 970
sheadawson/silverstripe-blocks An alternative to the SilverStripe Widgets module. 940
silverstripe/staticpublisher StaticPublisher provides an extensions for exporting a Silve... 934
axllent/silverstripe-email-obfuscator Email obfuscator extension/decorator for SilverStripe 3 918
colymba/gridfield-gallery-theme SilverStripe 3 GridField component adding file or image thum... 865
silverstripe/gridfielddetailformwithsearch GridFieldDetailForm that has a search sidebar always visible 855
tractorcow/silverstripe-sliderfield Simple slider field for Silverstripe 848
unclecheese/kickassets Provides an alternative file management interface for Silver... 830
burnbright/silverstripe-shop-comparison Submodule for Silverstripe shop which allows you to compare ... 829
unclecheese/bootstrap-forms Allows you to create forms in SilverStripe that are compatib... 825