heyday/silverstripe-colorpalette A coor palette picker for SilverStripe CMS 1282
frankmullenger/payment-paymentexpress SilverStripe Payment Express Module 1247
tractorcow/silverstripe-sliderfield Simple slider field for Silverstripe 1221
heyday/silverstripe-versioneddataobjects Provides Versioned DataObjects in SilverStripe 1217
silverstripe/staticpublisher StaticPublisher provides an extensions for exporting a Silve... 1201
camspiers/silverstripe-slowlog Logs slow SilverStripe requests 1191
silverstripe/dataobjectaspage Manage DataObjects through model admin but display them as p... 1170
ajshort/silverstripe-memberprofiles Member registration and profile management 1150
heyday/silverstripe-composeparser Adds new syntax to SilverStripe's template engine 1135
andrewhoule/silverstripe-photogallery Creates a basic photo gallery pagetype with albums and photo... 1098
silverstripe/memberprofiles Member registration and profile management 1097
burnbright/silverstripe-sqlquerylist Wraps a SilverStripe SQLQuery in a SS_List 1088
silverstripe/timedropdownfield Time dropdown for SilverStripe CMS 1074
rywa/silverstripe-foundation Foundation 5 Prototyping Theme for SilverStripe 1053
unclecheese/mock-dataobjects Allows DataObjects to self-populate intelligently using fake... 1044
ajshort/silverstripe-addressable SilverStripe addressable and geocoding module 1037