silverstripe/blog The blog module allows you to post blogs on your SilverStrip... 14505
silverstripe/widgets Widgets are small pieces of functionality such as showing th... 12355
silverstripe/reports 11922
colymba/gridfield-bulk-editing-tools SilverStripe 3 GridField component to upload images and edit... 11543
silverstripe/multivaluefield A DB field + form fields for storing multiple values in a si... 11146
silverstripe/translatable Allows translation of DataObject and SiteTree records into m... 10725
silverstripe/fulltextsearch Adds support for Fulltext Search engines like Sphinx and Sol... 10362
silverstripe/advancedworkflow Adds configurable workflow support to the CMS, with a GUI fo... 9577
silverstripe/spamprotection Spam protection module for SilverStripe. 8741
silverstripe/restfulserver Add a RESTful API to your SilverStripe application 8665
silverstripe/subsites Run multiple sites from a single SilverStripe install. 8494
silverstripe/html5 HTML5 support for SilverStripe 7130
silverstripe/iframe Add an iFrame pagetype to SilverStripe, to show content from... 7092
silverstripe/taxonomy Provide extra taxonomy for cataloguing the data. 7077
silverstripe/queuedjobs A framework for defining and running background jobs in a qu... 6949
silverstripe/versionedfiles Add versioning to files 6604