briceburg/silverstripe-sitemedia Add and manage a common library of Media from your Pages and... 0
briceburg/silverstripe-holderpage Hide subpages / children from the CMS sitetree and allow man... 0
mattclegg/silverstripe-bootstrap-3 SilverStripe bootstrap theme based on twitter bootstrap 3 (u... 2
mattclegg/odeon-availability-checker Check availability for film showings at odeon 1
burnbright/silverstripe-externalurlfield Provides SilverStripe with a DBField and FormField for handl... 6
gdmedia/silverstripe-jquery Use a newer version (1.11.1) of jQuery outside of the CMS an... 3
sunnysideup/downloadtoemail Create a link on your site that allows the user to download... 0
weboftalent/imageeditpartialcachebust Simplify partial caching queries for folders of DataObjects ... 3
titledk/silverstripe-calendar Highly flexible calendar system for SilverStripe 36
gdmedia/silverstripe-status-message Unified framework for sending and displaying status and noti... 28
silverstripe/alchemiser An integration with AlchemyAPI. 48
zirak/silverstripe-mailchimp Adds mailchimp integration to SilverStripe, eventually insid... 2
markguinn/silverstripe-clockwork Silverstripe extension integrating the Clockwork Chrome exte... 24
heyday/silverstripe-xhprof 0
heyday/silverstripe-googleanalytics A thin SilverStripe helper for the php-ga library 0
heyday/silverstripe-facebookimage Provides an Image Field for use when sharing pages on facebo... 0