selay/silverstripe-constantcontact A simple ajax-based Constant Contact signup widget/module fo... 0
kinglozzer/htmleditoruploadfield Adds an UploadField to allow uploading files directly in Sil... 2
zirak/hide-history Hide history tab in CMS for non-admin users. Workaround for ... 0
internetrix/silverstripe-payment-eway A forked silverstripe payment module for eway 1
internetrix/silverstripe-paymentpage Payment page using silverstripe payment module 1
i-lateral/silverstripe-commerce-customisableproduct Silverstripe module that adds customisable products (adding ... 4
zirak/blog-post-publication-period This module will allow you to set the period of time for the... 0
otago/opcolor a color palette dropdown 6
burnbright/silverstripe-organisations Represent / view / manage many organisations (businesses, cl... 7
titledk/silverstripe-gallery A simple gallery backend for SilverStripe 3 with advanced di... 3
titledk/silverstripe-uploaddirrules Rules to keep the SilverStripe assets directory tidy 3
stnvh/silverstripe-taggedfield Creates a tag field, similar to how a ListBoxField looks. 2
sheadawson/silverstripe-newsly A simple and configurable news module for SilverStripe CMS 1
anselmdk/silverstripe-rssconnector A fork of the SilverStripe RSS Connector Module 1
colymba/silverstripe-colorfield SilverStripe 3 Color picker and DBField field with attitude. 1
i-lateral/silverstripe-commerce-stockkeeping A Silverstripe module that adds stock levels to products and... 3