burnbright/silverstripe-asmselectfield Select multiple fields, with enhancement by javascript. 2
burnbright/silverstripe-shop-menu Food menu style ordering for SilverStripe shop 4
mediabeast/flat-admin Custom CSS theme for SilverStripe 3 Admin Interface 23
encoda/ss-image-min SilverStripe Image Compress and Cache module 10
gdmedia/silverstripe-widget-sidebar-nav Side bar menu widget 20
hpmewes/silverstripe-install MLabs SilverStripe Framework Installer 21
calinhoria/langedit Allows translation of yaml lang files from from back office. 10
kinglozzer/silverstripe-tinypng 0
maldicore/silverstripe-clientexport Exports all files and folders in the assets directory or dat... 9
briceburg/silverstripe-mailchimp-flexiform Nicely integrate MailChimp lists with SilverStripe FlexiForm... 3
markguinn/silverstripe-gridfieldmultiselect Gridfield extensions to add checkboxes for each row to easil... 4
i-lateral/silverstripe-searchable Updated search module for Silverstripe allowing addition of ... 6
peda/htmleditor Multiple HTMLEditor configurations (even on the same page) 0
i-lateral/silverstripe-socialnav Adds a list of social media services that generates a list o... 15
burnbright/silverstripe-bootstrap Boilerplate theme, using bootstrap 0
willmorgan/silverstripe-cropperfield Provides an interface for you to generate thumbnails of thin... 5