ninty9notout/silverstripe-colourpicker Provides a pop-up colour picker functionality, turning a tex... 5
silverstripe-australia/silverstripe-question-answer Simple implementation of an FAQ page 2
dljoseph/silverstripe-custom-error-page SilverStripe Custom Error Page Module. Select any template ... 0
moe/color-swab An extension of font-awesome-picker that replaces the icons ... 9
fb3rasp/moviepages Enables silverstripe pages to show content from OpenMovie Da... 2
hestec/silverstripe-content-blocks Split your page content into manageable blocks/sections of c... 1
hestec/silverstripe-payment-sisow SilverStripe Payment Sisow Module for iDEAL, MisterCash, Sof... 3
i-lateral/silverstripe-googleshoppingfeed Simple support for a SilverStripe site to generate a Google ... 2
bramdeleeuw/pinterestimagebuttons Adds an extension to the image object that lets you place a ... 2
chrisahhh/silverstripe-faq Simple Silverstripe FAQ 1
chrisahhh/silverstripe-module-template Silverstripe module template 5
silverstripe-rebelalliance/youtubefield Field for selecting YouTube videos. Takes various URL format... 0
chitosystems/gridfield-bulk-editing-tools SilverStripe 3 GridField component to upload images and edit... 2
onefatsheep/silverstripe-vuforia Adds a custom image data object type that will be persisted ... 1
mademedia/silverstripe-cloudinary SilverStripe Module. Replaces SilverStripe's inbuilt asset m... 26
silverstripe-australia/vuforia Adds a custom image data object type that will be persisted ... 0