ntb/silverstripe-queue-adapter Add ability to queue messages into a redis queue 1
silverstripe-platform/deploynaut-metrics Provides an interface to Graphite in the Deploynaut dashboar... 53
sajansharmanz/swipestripe-gallery Add Product Images to your SwipeStripe Product 4
sajansharmanz/silverstripe-bootstrap-gallery Add a responsive bootstrap gallery to your website 7
coreiho/silverstripe-sections Silverstripe sections 4
dhensby/silverstripe-masquerade SilverStripe module to allow you to masquerade as other user... 3
graphiques-digitale/silverstripe-seo-icons Enhanced SEO favicon and touch icon module for the SilverStr... 1
sunnysideup/modulechecks Checks your modules on packagist, github, and the silverstri... 0
sunnysideup/form-fields Random collection of useful form fields 0
sunnysideup/required_fields_validation Generic validation for form fields that can be used on the b... 0
sunnysideup/membersonlypages This helps you create a section of Members Only pages, by ad... 0
sunnysideup/ecommerce_newsletter_campaign_monitor add a newsletter signup to your e-commerce checkout - specif... 9
xini/silverstripe-international-phone-number-field Adds a phone filed using Google's libphonenumber. 2
weboftalent/openweathermap SilverStripe module for Open Weather Map 2
nyeholt/silverstripe-performant A set of utilities for making SS perform a little better 123
psukhedelos/silverstripe-pocketwatch-theme A Simple, Responsive Silverstripe Theme 10