silverstripe/framework The SilverStripe framework 50698
silverstripe/cms The SilverStripe Content Management System 43728
silverstripe/sqlite3 Adds SQLite3 support to SilverStripe 28673
silverstripe/postgresql SilverStripe now has tentative support for PostgreSQL ('Post... 24816
silverstripe-themes/simple The SilverStripe simple theme (default SilverStripe 3 theme) 24657
undefinedoffset/sortablegridfield Adds drag and drop functionality to SilverStripe 3.0's GridF... 14351
silverstripe/userforms UserForms enables CMS users to create dynamic forms via a dr... 10922
silverstripe/googlesitemaps SilverStripe support for the Google Sitemaps XML system, ena... 7512
silverstripe/blog The blog module allows you to post blogs on your SilverStrip... 6461
silverstripe/translatable Allows translation of DataObject and SiteTree records into m... 6309
ajshort/silverstripe-gridfieldextensions A collection of useful grid field components 6148
unclecheese/betterbuttons Adds new form actions and buttons to GridField detail form f... 5821
silverstripe/widgets Widgets are small pieces of functionality such as showing th... 5727
silverstripe/reports 5573
silverstripe/subsites Run multiple sites from a single SilverStripe install. 4738
silverstripe/multivaluefield A DB field + form fields for storing multiple values in a si... 4635