burnbright/silverstripe-listsorter Easily provide front-end sorting controls for SilverStripe l... 2303
camspiers/silverstripe-loggerbridge Provides a bridge between PSR-3 loggers (like monolog) and S... 2277
tractorcow/silverstripe-opengraph Implementation of the Facebook Opengraph protocol for Silver... 2260
silverstripe/gridfieldajaxrefresh Adds the ability to either automatically or manually refresh... 2223
silverstripe/multiform SilverStripe forms with multiple steps, flow control and sta... 2167
camspiers/autoloader-composer-silverstripe 2121
bummzack/sortablefile An extension for SilverStripe 3.1 that allows sorting of mul... 1922
silverstripe/payment SilverStripe payment provider integration. Currently support... 1874
silverstripe/compass The Compass module for SilverStripe seamlessly integrates Sa... 1851
silverstripe/timepickerfield A time picker field for SilverStripe based on the jQuery UI ... 1837
nathancox/minify Minifies CSS requirements using Minify (http://code.google.c... 1818
unclecheese/eventcalendar Event Calendar for the SilverStripe CMS 1774
silverstripe/mssql Adds MSSQL support to SilverStripe 1745
camspiers/honeypot 1659
burnbright/silverstripe-shop Provides an ecommerce product catalog, shopping cart, and or... 1600
betterbrief/silverstripe-pdf Provide PDF renders of your webpages or objects using SSView... 1587