silverstripe/redirectedurls Provides a system for users to configure arbitrary redirecti... 9786
silverstripe/lumberjack A module to make managing pages in a GridField easy without ... 9720
heyday/silverstripe-menumanager Allows complex menu management to be handled through the CMS... 9423
silverstripe/raygun integration for SilverStripe 9399
bummzack/sortablefile An extension for SilverStripe 3.1 that allows sorting of mul... 8137
sheadawson/quickaddnew A decorator for form fields that manage object relationships... 8131
silverstripe/gridfieldajaxrefresh Adds the ability to either automatically or manually refresh... 8052
silverstripe/hybridsessions Cookie/DB session support for SilverStripe 7488
betterbrief/silverstripe-googlemapfield Save locations using latitude/longitude DataObject fields. 7203
silverstripe-themes/module_bootstrap CSS toolkit by Twitter. 7180
camspiers/silverstripe-loggerbridge Provides a bridge between PSR-3 loggers (like monolog) and S... 7103
jonom/silverstripe-betternavigator Front-end utility menu for SilverStripe websites featuring a... 6731
tractorcow/silverstripe-opengraph Implementation of the Facebook Opengraph protocol for Silver... 6559
silverstripe/securityreport Generates a security and access report for CMS users 6538
silverstripe/timepickerfield A time picker field for SilverStripe based on the jQuery UI ... 6523
silverstripe/selectupload Enables files to be uploaded into a user-designated folder 6220