nathancox/codeeditorfield A field for editing code in the SilverStripe CMS using Ace E... 129
gdmedia/silverstripe-socialnetwork-links Simple Silver Stripe module to display social network links ... 129
webbuilders-group/silverstripe-cmspreviewpreference Adds the ability for users to control the default CMS previe... 128
ajshort/silverstripe-eventmanagement SilverStripe event management and registration module 126
gdmedia/silverstripe-status-message Unified framework for sending and displaying status and noti... 125
sunnysideup/ecommerce_product_variation create product variations within e-commerce (e.g. if you hav... 124
meerware/browser-information SilverStripe Module detecting browser information 120
burnbright/silverstripe-pagesearch Search pages accross a SilverStripe site. 120
silverstripesk/silverstripe-disqus Disqus module for SilverStripe CMS 119
simonwelsh/trait-loader Adds trait autoloading support to SilverStripe 119
sunnysideup/ecommerce_tax adds tax options to the Silverstripe e-commerce application 118
axllent/silverstripe-enquiry-page Simple contact page with enquiry form 118
oddnoc/silverstripe-artefactcleaner Find and optionally delete disused tables and fields in a Si... 118
sunnysideup/payment_paypal add paypal to your payment options for the silverstripe paym... 118
stevie-mayhew/silverstripe-svg Basic SVG support for SilverStripe 117
entidi/silverstrap A silverstripe theme based on Bootstrap front-end framework 117