markguinn/silverstripe-featureditems Very simple way to add a slideshow or other set of featured ... 157
i-lateral/silverstripe-compactnavigator A Silverstripe module that adds a simple, themable admin men... 152
camfindlay/silverstripe-suspendspammer Suspends a suspected forum spammer registration based on use... 150
adrexia/gamesevent Provides management interfaces for gaming events 149
nathancox/codeeditorfield A field for editing code in the SilverStripe CMS using Ace E... 149
axllent/silverstripe-cms-tweaks Several CMS usability improvements 148
adrexia/flowchart Prototype for a graphical flowchart creator within Silverstr... 147
burnbright/silverstripe-widget-content Display html content using this widget. 142
nobrainerweb/silverstripe-robots-noindex Show a warning in the CMS when site is set to noindex 140
burnbright/silverstripe-widgetpages Build pages using widgets. Small pieces of content and funct... 135
swipestripe/swipestripe-builder Builder task for quickly creating a shop with dummy data 134
silverstripesk/silverstripe-disqus Disqus module for SilverStripe CMS 133
dnadesign/silverstripe-elemental Elemental pagetype and collection of Elements 132
entidi/silverstrap A silverstripe theme based on Bootstrap front-end framework 131
sunnysideup/ecommerce_product_variation create product variations within e-commerce (e.g. if you hav... 130
kinglozzer/htmleditoriframe Adds the ability to insert iframes using SilverStripe's "Ins... 130