silverstripe/commandpattern The commandpattern module enables SilverStripe to decouple b... 287
nobrainerweb/silverstripe-content-blocks Split your page content into manageable blocks/sections of c... 285
silverstripe/kickassets Provides an alternative file management interface for Silver... 278
axyr/silverstripe-adminlogin Use a custom login screen to log in to the admin section 277
simonwelsh/hasoneedit Allows editing the fields of a has_one object directly in th... 276
nathancox/customhtmleditorfield Allows per-editor TinyMCE configurations and body classes in... 274
andrewhoule/silverstripe-staffpage Creates staff model admin with optional categories plus staf... 273
briceburg/silverstripe-pickerfield GridField based management of has_one , has_many , and many_... 273
mateusz/silverstripe-polls Poll module for SilverStripe 271
sunnysideup/dataobjectsorter Silverstripe module with crud functionality: edit one field ... 265
firesphere/silverstripe-newsmodule A ModelAdmin based newsmodule to prevent clutter in the Site... 260
silverstripe-scienceninjas/datedupdates News module for SilverStripe 259
silverstripe/microblog Provides microblog type functionality for creating interacti... 253
i-lateral/silverstripe-sstweaks Some minor silverstripe tweaks that I use repeatedly on proj... 253
mediadevils/silverstripe-smtp Custom SMTP mailer for SilverStripe 250
kinglozzer/htmleditoruploadfield Adds an UploadField to allow uploading files directly in Sil... 249