gdmedia/silverstripe-widget-links Widget that lists links to internal or external urls 96
i-lateral/silverstripe-googlemaps A module to allow embeding of google maps inside page object... 96
gdmedia/silverstripe-widget-userform Simple Silver Stripe module to display userforms as widgets ... 95
titledk/cloudy A Silverstripe theme based on Twitter Bootstrap 94
burnbright/silverstripe-banner Provides a simple framework for adding banners to pages. 93
markguinn/silverstripe-deploytools Provides automated git deployment and (soon) assets/database... 93
entidi/silverstrap A silverstripe theme based on Bootstrap front-end framework 92
gdmedia/silverstripe-testimonials Silvertripe module to manage and display testimonials on you... 91
comperio/silverstripe-framework The SilverStripe Framework 91
webtorque7/old-urls For managing redirecting of old urls 90
meerware/browser-information SilverStripe Module detecting browser information 88
swipestripe/swipestripe-builder Builder task for quickly creating a shop with dummy data 88
axllent/silverstripe-less Wrapper for lessphp to integrate LESS into SilverStripe 87
adrexia/processmap Process map module 82
comperio/silverstripe-cms The SilverStripe Content Management System 82
gdmedia/silverstripe-gdm-express The SilverStripe Express module - guru version 81