nobrainerweb/silverstripe-content-blocks Split your page content into manageable blocks/sections of c... 265
silverstripe/kickassets Provides an alternative file management interface for Silver... 262
sunnysideup/dataobjectsorter Silverstripe module with crud functionality: edit one field ... 262
silverstripe-scienceninjas/datedupdates News module for SilverStripe 259
simonwelsh/hasoneedit Allows editing the fields of a has_one object directly in th... 254
govtnz/silverstripe-externallinks Adds tracking of external broken links to the SilverStripe C... 250
madmatt/silverstripe-flickr Provides simple bindings for the Flickr API, converting API ... 250
firesphere/silverstripe-newsmodule A ModelAdmin based newsmodule to prevent clutter in the Site... 247
silverstripe/geocatalogue 247
i-lateral/silverstripe-sstweaks Some minor silverstripe tweaks that I use repeatedly on proj... 246
mateusz/silverstripe-polls Poll module for SilverStripe 242
fullscreeninteractive/silverstripe-postmarkmailer SilverStripe Module for sending email via Postmark 241
mediadevils/silverstripe-smtp Custom SMTP mailer for SilverStripe 239
silverstripe/openlayers 237
undefinedoffset/silverstripe-advancedwidgeteditor Replaces the Widget Editor to enable support for advanced fo... 236
otago/silverstripe-retinaimages An add-on for adaptive images. 231