meerware/browser-information SilverStripe Module detecting browser information 118
oddnoc/silverstripe-artefactcleaner Find and optionally delete disused tables and fields in a Si... 116
silverstripesk/silverstripe-disqus Disqus module for SilverStripe CMS 116
webbuilders-group/silverstripe-cmspreviewpreference Adds the ability for users to control the default CMS previe... 115
sunnysideup/dataobjectsorter Silverstripe module with crud functionality: edit one field ... 115
unisolutions/silverstripe-copybutton Adds copy button to the GridField. 114
silvermax/maxcarousel MaxCarousel is SilverStripe module for slides management and... 113
ajshort/silverstripe-elastica Provides Elastic Search integration for SilverStripe DataObj... 112
mateusz/controllerpolicy SilverStripe module providing a framework for per-controller... 112
axllent/silverstripe-enquiry-page Simple contact page with enquiry form 112
adrexia/gamesevent Provides management interfaces for gaming events 111
weboftalent/silverstripe-shortcode-youtube Adds a shortcode for embedding YouTube video. For Silverstr... 106
entidi/silverstrap A silverstripe theme based on Bootstrap front-end framework 106
burnbright/silverstripe-banner Provides a simple framework for adding banners to pages. 103
sktzoootech/link-field A field for adding links 103
silverstripe/deploynaut The SilverStripe deployment framework based on Capistrano 101