purplespider/mypswd-tweaks Custom SilverStripe tweaks to keep things tidy. 415
i-lateral/silverstripe-commerce Silverstripe ecommerce module allowing for custom product ca... 410
otago/silverstripe-retinaimages An add-on for adaptive images. 405
tractorcow/silverstripe-imagegallery Simple image gallery module for Silverstripe 404
silverstripe/express The SilverStripe Express module 402
silverstripe/deploynaut The SilverStripe deployment framework based on Capistrano 394
mediadevils/silverstripe-smtp Custom SMTP mailer for SilverStripe 390
swipestripe/swipestripe-downloadable Module for downloadable products in SwipeStripe. 388
gdmedia/silverstripe-widget-sidebar-nav Side bar menu widget 387
gdmedia/silverstripe-widget-twitter-widgets Silver stripe widget for displaying custom twitter widgets 377
silverstripe-themes/express The SilverStripe Express default theme 372
axyr/silverstripe-adminlogin Use a custom login screen to log in to the admin section 370
silverstripe/meta-languages Allows you to add CoffeeScript, SCSS, and LESS as standard r... 364
tractorcow/silverstripe-comments-notifications Simple email notifications for comments posted against the C... 361
silverstripe/microblog Provides microblog type functionality for creating interacti... 360
plato-creative/plato-welcome Welcome screen for Silverstripe CMS 359