axllent/silverstripe-scaled-uploads Automatically scale down and rotate uploaded images for Silv... 446
purplespider/basic-galleries Basic Photo Gallery functionality 446
kinglozzer/htmleditoruploadfield Adds an UploadField to allow uploading files directly in Sil... 443
thisisbd/silverstripe-maintenance-mode SilverStripe Maintenance Mode Module. Allows an administrat... 438
heyday/silverstripe-cacheclear Fine grained and safe cache clearing 438
swipestripe/swipestripe-coupon Coupon support in SwipeStripe 428
i-lateral/silverstripe-custommenus A Silverstripe module allowing you to create custom menus th... 428
wilr/silverstripe-facebookconnect Integration of Facebook Connect into SilverStripe 423
webbuilders-group/silverstripe-cmspreviewpreference Adds the ability for users to control the default CMS previe... 422
purplespider/mypswd-tweaks Custom SilverStripe tweaks to keep things tidy. 414
i-lateral/silverstripe-commerce Silverstripe ecommerce module allowing for custom product ca... 410
otago/silverstripe-retinaimages An add-on for adaptive images. 404
tractorcow/silverstripe-imagegallery Simple image gallery module for Silverstripe 404
silverstripe/express The SilverStripe Express module 402
deviateltd/silverstripe-advancedassets Adds fine-grained control over who has access to file and fo... 400
silverstripe/deploynaut The SilverStripe deployment framework based on Capistrano 392