kinglozzer/silverstripegmapsobject Add a Google Map (optionally with Streetview) to a DataObjec... 267
unclecheese/dropzone An HTML5 upload field for the CMS and frontend forms. 266
silverstripe-australia/ba-sis SilverStripe Australia Standard Implementation Set. 264
nobrainerweb/silverstripe-content-blocks Split your page content into manageable blocks/sections of c... 262
dnadesign/silverstripe-elemental Elemental pagetype and collection of Elements 262
undefinedoffset/silverstripe-nocaptcha A spam protector and form field using the new Google's reCAP... 260
sunnysideup/dataobjectsorter Silverstripe module with crud functionality: edit one field ... 260
silverstripe-scienceninjas/datedupdates News module for SilverStripe 259
silverstripe/kickassets Provides an alternative file management interface for Silver... 259
gdmedia/silverstripe-jquery Use a newer version (2.1.3) of jQuery outside of the CMS and... 256
simonwelsh/hasoneedit Allows editing the fields of a has_one object directly in th... 252
markguinn/silverstripe-clockwork Silverstripe extension integrating the Clockwork Chrome exte... 251
silverstripe/geocatalogue 247
i-lateral/silverstripe-sstweaks Some minor silverstripe tweaks that I use repeatedly on proj... 244
firesphere/silverstripe-newsmodule A ModelAdmin based newsmodule to prevent clutter in the Site... 243
silverstripe-australia/ssautesting Some extensions to the default SS test structures to allow p... 242