entidi/silverstrap A silverstripe theme based on Bootstrap front-end framework 87
kinglozzer/htmleditoriframe Adds the ability to insert iframes using SilverStripe's "Ins... 86
stnvh/silverstripe-infoboxes Conditional CMS info boxes. 82
lekoala/silverstripe-mandrill Adds mandrill in the SilverStripe CMS 82
axllent/silverstripe-less Wrapper for lessphp to integrate LESS into SilverStripe 81
adrexia/processmap Process map module 80
comperio/silverstripe-framework The SilverStripe Framework 80
swipestripe/swipestripe-builder Builder task for quickly creating a shop with dummy data 80
silverstripe/frameworktest Aids core and module developers in testing their code agains... 79
tractorcow/silverstripe-geocoding Google maps geocoding wrapper for Silverstripe 79
i-lateral/silverstripe-googlemaps A module to allow embeding of google maps inside page object... 79
simonwelsh/hasoneedit Allows editing the fields of a has_one object directly in th... 79
nathancox/codeeditorfield A field for editing code in the SilverStripe CMS using Ace E... 77
meerware/browser-information SilverStripe Module detecting browser information 75
burnbright/silverstripe-banner Provides a simple framework for adding banners to pages. 74
sunnysideup/dataobjectsorter Silverstripe module with crud functionality: edit one field ... 74