markguinn/silverstripe-cloudassets Allows some or all of the assets folder to be located in a c... 525
briceburg/silverstripe-pickerfield GridField based management of has_one , has_many , and many_... 519
sunnysideup/ecommerce Silverstripe E-commerce Application 518
silverstripe/standardsediting Extensions to provide standards based editing for Silverstri... 514
nadzweb/advancedfaq Advanced faq with sections, tags and versioning 512
camfindlay/apes The Automated Provision of Email Services (APES) module will... 510
rywa/silverstripe-foundation-interchange Adds support for using .ss templates with ZURB Foundation's ... 508
dnadesign/silverstripe-patternlab Pattern lab. 508
markguinn/silverstripe-clockwork Silverstripe extension integrating the Clockwork Chrome exte... 500
micschk/silverstripe-gridfieldsitetreebuttons Modifies GridFields & GridField detail forms to use standard... 498
gdmedia/silverstripe-jquery Use a newer version (2.1.3) of jQuery outside of the CMS and... 495
ioti/silverstripe-blogcategories Adds a manageable list of categories to the SilverStripe blo... 491
axllent/silverstripe-version-truncator Automatically delete old SiteTree page versions from SilverS... 485
bummzack/translatable-dataobject Silverstripe Translatable extension for DataObjects 479
nathancox/codeeditorfield A field for editing code in the SilverStripe CMS using Ace E... 474
dnadesign/silverstripe-elemental Elemental pagetype and collection of Elements 474