normann/gridfieldpaginatorwithshowall A GridField paginator with a show all checkbox 264
govtnz/replicant Module to replicate data between SilverStripe installations.... 263
silverstripe-scienceninjas/datedupdates News module for SilverStripe 259
tractorcow/silverstripe-comments-notifications Simple email notifications for comments posted against the C... 256
silverstripe/gridfield-addons GridFieldAddOns is a collection of plugins for the Silverstr... 256
richardsjoqvist/silverstripe-localdate Translates formatted date strings to the locale set with i18... 253
tractorcow/silverstripe-campaignmonitor Simple implementation of the campaign monitor API within Sil... 253
axllent/silverstripe-gfmarkdown GitHub Flavored Markdown editing & rendering using Parsedown 251
gdmedia/silverstripe-socialnetwork-links Simple Silver Stripe module to display social network links ... 250
silverstripe/geocatalogue 247
nathancox/customhtmleditorfield Allows per-editor TinyMCE configurations and body classes in... 245
micmania1/silverstripe-lumberjack A module to make managing pages in a GridField easy without ... 245
andrewhoule/silverstripe-staffpage Creates staff model admin with optional categories plus staf... 238
axyr/silverstripe-adminlogin Use a custom login screen to log in to the admin section 238
silverstripe/openlayers 236
nobrainerweb/silverstripe-content-blocks Split your page content into manageable blocks/sections of c... 235