normann/gridfieldpaginatorwithshowall A GridField paginator with a show all checkbox 319
i-lateral/silverstripe-custommenus A Silverstripe module allowing you to create custom menus th... 315
sheadawson/silverstripe-userswitcher During testing, allows Admins to quickly switch to act as a ... 313
littlegiant/silverstripe-singlepageadmin Single page administration via a LeftAndMain like interface 313
axllent/silverstripe-gfmarkdown GitHub Flavored Markdown editing & rendering using Parsedown 311
axllent/silverstripe-scaled-uploads Automatically scale down and rotate uploaded images for Silv... 310
silverstripe/sitetreeimporter Imports indented plaintext files into a SilverStripe sitetre... 304
wilr/silverstripe-facebookconnect Integration of Facebook Connect into SilverStripe 303
micmania1/silverstripe-lumberjack A module to make managing pages in a GridField easy without ... 302
silverstripe/tenon Check the accessibility of your SilverStripe site with this ... 299
camfindlay/silverstripe-suspendspammer Suspends a suspected forum spammer registration based on use... 297
silverstripe/commandpattern The commandpattern module enables SilverStripe to decouple b... 287
mateusz/frontend Provides frontend widgets that nicely integrate with a Silve... 284
swipestripe/swipestripe-gallery Image gallery for products in SwipeStripe 275
silverstripe/gridfield-addons GridFieldAddOns is a collection of plugins for the Silverstr... 272
tractorcow/silverstripe-comments-notifications Simple email notifications for comments posted against the C... 270