markguinn/silverstripe-featureditems Very simple way to add a slideshow or other set of featured ... 143
rywa/silverstripe-foundation-interchange Adds support for using .ss templates with ZURB Foundation's ... 142
sheadawson/silverstripe-select2 A set of silverstripe form fields based on http://ivaynberg.... 142
axllent/silverstripe-intelligent-404 Add additional smart resirection functionality to the existi... 141
i-lateral/silverstripe-carousel A jQuery UI based carousel for Silverstripe 140
adrexia/flowchart Prototype for a graphical flowchart creator within Silverstr... 139
silverstripe/securityextras A loose collection of tools to further lock down a SilverStr... 139
tractorcow/silverstripe-metro Metro theme for Silverstripe 137
fullscreeninteractive/silverstripe-postmarkmailer SilverStripe Module for sending email via Postmark 134
normann/gridfieldpaginatorwithshowall A GridField paginator with a show all checkbox 133
tractorcow/silverstripe-facebook-sdk Simple Silverstripe wrapper for the facebook PHP SDK 133
tractorcow/silverstripe-geocoding Google maps geocoding wrapper for Silverstripe 133
colymba/silverstripe-restfulapi SilverStripe 3 RESTful API with a default JSON serializer. 131
i-lateral/silverstripe-compactnavigator A Silverstripe module that adds a simple, themable admin men... 130
simonwelsh/hasoneedit Allows editing the fields of a has_one object directly in th... 130
stnvh/silverstripe-infoboxes Conditional CMS info boxes. 128