silverstripe/meta-languages Allows you to add CoffeeScript, SCSS, and LESS as standard r... 358
silverstripe-themes/express The SilverStripe Express default theme 356
normann/gridfieldpaginatorwithshowall A GridField paginator with a show all checkbox 355
micmania1/silverstripe-lumberjack A module to make managing pages in a GridField easy without ... 353
tractorcow/silverstripe-imagegallery Simple image gallery module for Silverstripe 349
azt3k/abc-silverstripe-textcap Text based captcha module for SilverStripe 347
axllent/silverstripe-scaled-uploads Automatically scale down and rotate uploaded images for Silv... 333
i-lateral/silverstripe-custommenus A Silverstripe module allowing you to create custom menus th... 332
ioti/silverstripe-blogcategories Adds a manageable list of categories to the SilverStripe blo... 331
axllent/silverstripe-gfmarkdown GitHub Flavored Markdown editing & rendering using Parsedown 328
silverstripe-australia/sitemap Allows you to generate a sitemap page. 325
burnbright/silverstripe-facebook-likebox Add a facebook likebox/feed to your SilverStripe site using ... 324
wilr/silverstripe-facebookconnect Integration of Facebook Connect into SilverStripe 318
colymba/silverstripe-restfulapi SilverStripe 3 RESTful API with a default JSON serializer. 317
camfindlay/silverstripe-suspendspammer Suspends a suspected forum spammer registration based on use... 312
richardsjoqvist/silverstripe-localdate Translates formatted date strings to the locale set with i18... 297