silverstripe/spamprotection Spam protection module for SilverStripe. 8092
silverstripe/html5 HTML5 support for SilverStripe 6722
silverstripe/iframe Add an iFrame pagetype to SilverStripe, to show content from... 6712
silverstripe/taxonomy Provide extra taxonomy for cataloguing the data. 6668
silverstripe/queuedjobs A framework for defining and running background jobs in a qu... 6393
silverstripe/versionedfiles Add versioning to files 6144
silverstripe/testsession Support module for browser-based test sessions, e.g. for Beh... 6086
silverstripe/versionfeed Adds RSS feeds of content changes to SilverStripe 5943
silverstripe/registry Provide search and export interfaces for datasets. 5907
unclecheese/display-logic Allows assignment of conditions for display and hide of spec... 5822
heyday/silverstripe-hashpath Hash path provides a function in SilverStripe templates whic... 5343
kinglozzer/metatitle Re-adds the 'MetaTitle' field for SilverStripe 3.1 4761
silverstripe/comments This module provides commenting functionality for Pages and ... 4666
silverstripe/recaptcha Provides a form field which allows form to validate for non-... 4245
silverstripe/tagfield Provides a SilverStripe form field for saving a string of ta... 4214
silverstripe-themes/module_bootstrap CSS toolkit by Twitter. 4193